Welcome to Bolan Restaurant.

Call to book a table: 03 9388 0384
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Smokey Charcoal BBQ, Delicious Curries, Tempting Biryanies.

Call to book a table: 03 9388 0384
Let your reservations reach us online

Juicy Steaks is just a start.

Call to book a table: 03 9388 0384
Let your reservations reach us online

"Dear Customers, we are temporarily closed until further notice due to some urgent maintaince works. For any further info please contact us on info@bolanrestaurants.com.au"

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We provide catering services to all corporate/private functions. please contact us to discuss the details

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The Restaurant

Our team comprised of men who believe in delicious taste and incredible experience. Our this belief is then transformed into our hard and genuine efforts to present our customers the true and the delicious taste of every single meal we offer at our restaurant, BOLAN Restaurant.

We plan to continue to work hard providing an exceptional experience to our customers, which could hook them back to BOLAN Restaurant.


The term BOLAN lineages itself with a small district in South-Western Pakistan. The beauty of valleys surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of mountains is welcomed by those who visit, and believe in the extraordinary experience.

In addition to this, the Pakistani Cuisine gets a unique touch of delicious taste when in BOLAN. The consistent beauty of this taste captures those, who enjoy the delicious cuisine with love, again and yet again.

Pakistani and Italian Cuisines

The happiness is experienced, and of those life moments is the happiness which takes place around the table. The happiness fluctuates to its peak when it meets the time of bonds the families and the friends sitting together around the table.

The table presents them with the delicious experience of having authentic Pakistani cuisine, which we offer at BOLAN Restaurant. Therefore, at BOLAN Restaurant we don’t only offer routine meals, but we love to see our customers enjoying the valueable moments of having delectable cuisine, which is true and rich in the culture of hospitality, care and respect.

Not the least, being part of an Australian community, we fulfil our responsibility to support multiculturalism. As an initial effort to that, we also introduced Italian Cuisine to welcome our fellows whose table always has space for delicious Italian Cuisine. The cuisine with the promise of lasting taste.


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Good Food, Good Taste

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

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